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listening to music through your own lens

Music has been a constant in my life. From listening to crappy 80’s music with my mom when I was five, to renting Sgt. Pepper from my high school library in 9th grade, to bumping Dr. Dre and Snoop while riding around in my VW Jetta. It has always been there. It wasn’t until college, however, that I realized that music can be “cool”.

I grew up under the guise that, hey, we are all people and we have different tastes. I may not like what you like, but I can respect it. Music, to me, is a tool to help enhance your mood, deal with feelings, or make sense of the world.  I’ve always gone by the view that my tastes are not better than yours; they are just different. He likes rap, she likes folk, I like Limp Bizkit. Its all good, mon! But this happy-go-lucky view was turned upside down by what is known as “music snobs,” or as I like to refer to them: “Kornmans.”

I've spotted a Kornman!

You’ve seen the type: the skinny-jeans-having, hipster-glasses-wearing, too-cool-for-school, judging-your-every-move type. They are probably right behind you as you read this blog, looking down their snot-filled nose at you. I can’t stand conversing to a music snob about music, and I’m a person who loves to converse about music.  This is the type that will beat your ear all day about the latest cool bands to hit the blog charts, but when you want to tell them about your amazing experience at the Coldplay show last night, they will turn away and mutter something like “ugh…so mainstream.” Well you know what, Coldplay is a DAMN GOOD BAND!!!

Viva La Coldplay!

The unfortunate thing about my foray into the music business is that I’ve noticed music snobs are everywhere. I feel like to get ahead, people think that they must be as snobby as possible.  There has to be people out there who are into music as much as me but do not have to impress others with your Pitchfork-reciting abilities.

This is partly why I started this blog: to bring together like-minded people who want to make it in the music business without having to put up with all the snobs and their bullshit. If you’re one of these people let me know. We can do a track together!  If you want it to sound like Justin Bieber’s new album, then who cares! He must have some talent……at least a little bit…..

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