A Spiritual Journey With Michael Garfield : A Million Anniversaries

29 Aug

It’s not often that you come across an artist so gifted that they can connect with people through more than one medium.  Michael Garfield is one of those artists. A guitarist, visual/live artist, and part-time social issues orator (he has talks scheduled all this week at Burning Man) originally from Boulder, CO, Garfields’ artistic expression holds no boundaries.

After one listen to Michael Garfield’s recently released genre-defying album, A Million Anniversaries, I was completely hooked.  The album is a 25-song series of unprocessed acoustic guitar loops added onto one another to create textural patterns and beautiful soundscapes.  The style of music varies greatly from song to song, and even within songs, ranging from blues and folk to shoegaze and head-nodding instrumental rock.  Garfield has a dynamic ability to express himself on the acoustic guitar and to allow the listener to climb inside of his head and connect with him on a deep level.

Below is a video of one of my favorite songs on the album, “Extinct”.  You can see the process that Garfield goes through of adding loop onto loop in order to create a full song.

Having the pleasure of meeting Michael earlier this year at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, I found him to be bursting with talent, yet he remained completely humble and gracious.  He is a truly a visionary artist that is producing works that the world has not seen before.  You can download his new album here for any price you choose.

Find a quiet spot, turn on A Million Anniversaries, and take a journey in the mind of Michael Garfield.


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