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Skinny Hendrix Interviews Dubstep Artist Statesthetic

Statesthetic, real name Jason Tortorete, is a dubstep artist hailing from outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He has been producing dubstep for only five months now and already his immense talent is showing through in his music. He has just released a new EP for purchase on July 20th through Vinyl-Related Records. I caught up with Statesthetic to ask him a few questions on his music and new album.

Jason Tortorete, aka Statesthetic

Skinny Hendrix: What should we expect out of the new album?

Statesthetic: You can expect a whole new array of bass sounds and construction, as well as the entaglement of musical/electronic elements. The new sound is much heavier, louder, and more intense.

Skinny Hendrix: Tell us about how you make your music. Do you have a certain routine in order to get yourself prepared?

Statesthetic: I can usually begin a new track any time of the day, but I love to work at night, around midnight. I usually have to be inspired, either by a song I’ve heard or a new sound I’ve made. I always start with a synth that is new or one that I love to work with, find a sound, and let the rest of the song come from the inspiration of that one sound. I create a pattern, then drum and percussion elem\ents, then work from there. I love plugins so I use as many as I need to make the sounds that I envision.

Skinny Hendrix: Which musicians have been major influences for your music?

Statesthetic: Datsik has always inspired me simply because of his low and deep sounds with that edgier harder style. I also recently have got hooked on Modesteps “Feel Good”. I have always tried to incorporate orchestral elements as well as jazz, and I love how they did it. A few others are Mantis and Skism.

Skinny Hendrix: A two part question: Who is your favorite and least favorite dubstep artist?

Statesthetic: Favorite dubstep artist to me would be someone I can listen to over and over again, not necessarily the most outrageous or the calmest. I would have to say Flux Pavilion or Datsik, but my favorites change every so often though. My least favorite would have to be Dr. P sorry to say it i just really do not like any of his music.

Statesthetic's hatin' on DR. P!!! OH SNAP!!!

Skinny Hendrix: What do you think of the common association of dubstep and “bro” culture?

Statesthetic: I think tying anything like that together, generally, is dumb. Music is what it is, and although stereotypes may find a root in there somewhere, it’s all nonsense. People who say they hate a whole genre, always have those few songs they connect with. Music is metaphysical, so lets keep it that way. And for anyone who says dubstep is “easy” to make… that’s like hitting a few notes on a piano and saying you’re a piano player.

Skinny Hendrix: You spent a good amount of time looking to get signed and bounced around a few offers. What made you decide to go with Vinyl Related Records?

Statesthetic: Well I’m releasing a few of my songs through VRR, but as an artist, I’m not signed with them. They have good rep, a great line-up of artists and friendly people. I am however signed to Houze Records where I will be releasing my new EP. They have a fantastic line-up of talent and are promised to be huge in the near future.

Skinny Hendrix: What can we expect from Statesthetic in the future?

Statesthetic: I will be going back to college soon so production might slow a bit, but you can however expect me to progress quickly skill-wise. If you have heard my tunes only two months ago compared to now, you will realize how quickly I upgrade my sound. As well as new promotions, gigs and performances, and of course, hearing about me from your neighbor 🙂

Skinny Hendrix: If you could play your dream show with any DJ, who would it be and why?

Statesthetic: My dream gig would be to travel and play with deadmau5 as weird as that sounds, he’s a cool guy and has a lot of music talent and knowledge and I’m sure would be willing to help out. Speaking dubstep, I would love to play with Datsik, simply because he has so much fun on stage and his shows are so energetic.

Deadmau5 and Statesthetic: possible collaboration?

You can listen to Statesthetic’s music on his soundcloud page or head over to Vinyl Related Records to purchase his new EP.

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